What does Poverty Look Like in Oregon?

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What does poverty look like in Oregon?

It looks big. According to the Oregon Center for Public Policy, there are more Oregonians living in poverty than there are in all of Portland. In other words:


Image from OCPP


It looks hungry. The Oregonian¬†published an article this morning highlighting the pressing concerns of hunger in Oregon, in light of the government shutdown’s potential cuts to SNAP recipients.

Just how big an impact will that have in Oregon? Well, currently: “About 800,000 Oregonians — or one in five — receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits. The rate tops 25 percent in counties including Linn, Marion, Coos and Jackson. In Jefferson County, fully one-third of residents use SNAP, according to DHS.


See the interactive map from the Oregonian


It looks young.¬†While 17.2% of Oregonians live in poverty, 23.4% of Oregon children live in poverty (nearly 1 in 4 children.) In fact, the county with the lowest child poverty in Oregon is Clackamas County with nearly 16% child poverty — that’s still about 1 in 6 children. From Children First for Oregon:


See more data from CFFO


It looks like it’s not getting better.¬†In fact, it’s getting worse.


See more on poverty in Oregon from OCPP


Poverty looks ugly. And a society that grows complacent with such goings-on does too.

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