Voters have spoken — will legislators listen?

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UPDATE: You did it! The House passed this bill just a few minutes ago with a vote of 46-13! Now on to the Senate…

ORIGINAL POST: Today, the House Revenue Committee met to discuss what to do about the fact that Oregon corporations are scheduled to get a corporate kicker tax refund, even while Oregon schools, senior services, and other critical programs continue to suffer. (Go to: to tell legislators not to let the corporate kicker kick!)

Last November, Oregonians voted overwhelmingly in support of Measure 85, to stop Oregon’s practice of sending big kicker checks back to (mostly out-of-state) corporations — a policy so ludicrous that no other state in the nation does it. Instead, Oregonians told legislators to send those funds to K-12 schools.

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But Measure 85, which Oregonians supported so strongly, doesn’t go into effect until the next budget cycle. In the meantime, things are so good for corporations now, they’re scheduled to get a kicker rebate this year.

As the above infographic shows, 86.7% of Oregon legislative districts voted in support of reforming the corporate kicker tax break and sending it back to Oregon’s classrooms instead. (If you click into the graphic, you can see the full list of districts’ support.)

The House Revenue Committee agreed that they should uphold voters’ wishes, and send those funds to Oregon education instead. House Bill 2305 would reform this year’s corporate kicker tax refund and send it to our community colleges. Tuition increases have skyrocketed far beyond the rate of inflation in Oregon, and this would help with scheduled increases.

The bill was moved out of committee but now faces a House floor vote later this week. Pop over and let your legislators know that they should not let the corporate kicker kick. Tell them: Send those funds to Oregon classrooms, not corporate boardrooms!

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