Unbelievable: The Spam King—Now Running for Governor—Is at it Again

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Tell your network:

Rep. Dennis Richardson (R-Your Inbox) is now using his massive political spam email list to bolster, and even fund raise for, his campaign for governor.

His campaign got its hands on 418,958 email addresses by using a public records request into his legislative office. Keep in mind, that’s the equivalent of about one out of every five registered voters in Oregon. And he’s using that list to bring his gubernatorial campaign literature right into your inbox.

Spam King for Governor

For more than two years, Richardson has been known as Oregon’s Spam King. In 2012, he used public records to gain the email addresses of around 500,000 Oregonians—and then flooded their inboxes with unsolicited right-wing political diatribes.

He even managed to crash the legislature’s data servers in the middle of a legislative session when he sent a deluge of unwanted emails to every corner of the state.

And when anyone had the audacity to complain about getting bombarded with a bunch of unsolicited political emails from Richardson, here’s the classy response the Spam King sent back:

Do you realize that you are not in my district and cannot vote for me. If my motives were political, I would not waste my time contacting those who cannot vote in my district. For just a moment stop and consider that I may be sending this information to you for the benefit of informing Oregonians about what is taking place in our state.

Your email address will be deleted, and it will be your loss not mine. Too bad your skepticism overpowers your ability to accept information from one who offers it for free and expecting nothing in return.
Best wishes and good bye, Dennis R.

He answered the charge at the time by declaring that any political communications outside of his district would be wasted, since those recipients couldn’t vote for him anyway. Of course, anyone even remotely paying attention assumed that he was going to run for governor, and this was his invasive way of artificially creating a statewide reach. And that’s exactly what happened.

Perhaps, in the way that Monica Wehby has tried to turn her multiple stalking and harassment allegations into a campaign asset, Richardson will claim that spamming half a million Oregonians shows that he has persistence. Or maybe it will just backfire and everyone will see it as creepy and invasive.

BTW, here’s what the spam folder in my inbox looks like. Those are all emails from Richardson’s campaign.

Richardson Campaign Spam
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