Trump is a threat to our basic rights. It’s time to fight back.

Donald Trump's extremism and bigotry is fundamentally at odds with our Oregon values.

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Throughout our country’s history, Inauguration Day has been a time for Americans of all stripes to consider the future of our nation — and this year the outlook is frightening. Today, an unrepentant bigot assumed the highest office in the land, leaving our most vulnerable communities scrambling to defend their health, families, and rights.

Donald Trump’s extreme agenda isn’t a mystery. Despite his blatant flip-flopping, backtracking, and all-out lying, he’s made one thing perfectly clear: Trump has a record of looking out for his cronies, not our communities.

Donald Trump’s extremism is fundamentally at odds with our Oregon values. Here in Oregon, we’ve made big strides towards building a government that works for all of us.

Together, we’ve lifted up working families by raising the wage, enacting mandatory paid sick leave, and expanding overtime pay. We’ve defended LGBTQ communities by expanding access to health care for transgender Oregonians, banning youth conversion therapy, and winning marriage equality. We’ve leveled the playing field to make education accessible for undocumented students. And to top it all off, we’ve shown the country that voting doesn’t have to be a challenge by creating the most accessible democracy in the nation.

Donald Trump’s extremism is fundamentally at odds with our Oregon values.

We can’t afford to put aside our differences when that means selling out our values and millions of Americans. Now is the time to stand together and fight for what’s right. Click here to get involved with our campaign to protect health care, services, schools, and basic civil rights. Because while the future seems grim right now, together we have a chance to make it brighter.

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