The Oregonian on the Corporate Kicker Measure

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Yesterday morning, supporters of the Corporate Kicker for K-12 measure (Measure 85) met with the Oregonian editorial board for the newspaper’s endorsement on the measure.

It was a lively discussion, highlighting the obvious need to start reinvesting in our K-12 schools. In an online post, the editors have said their endorsement will be in this Sunday’s paper.

It won’t be the first time they’ve opined on the need to reform the corporate kicker. Here’s what the editorial board wrote in April, just after we announced that we were gathering signatures to reform the corporate kicker:

Second, this is a step that needs to be taken. Oregon’s boom-and-bust tax structure is broken, condemning the state to a destructive cycle of building up programs and institutions in good times, only to tear them down in bad. Repealing the corporate kicker should be part of the solution.

Business groups seem willing to accept the ballot proposal. "I’m not detecting from anybody in the business community that I’ve talked to that there is going to be any significant opposition to it," Jay Clemens, president of Associated Oregon Industries, told The Oregonian’s Jeff Mapes.

For Oregon schools, the need for adequate funding has only gotten more obvious since the Oregonian’s ed board wrote those words. Students are going back to school this week finding that classes are even more overcrowded this year than last, and that many of their favorite programs have been eliminated.

It’s now months into the campaign season, and there’s still no organized opposition to the measure.

Given that the crisis in our classrooms has only intensified, what will the Oregonian say about the measure? We’ll find out on Sunday.

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