The Oregonian Doubles Down on the Corporate Kicker

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Tell your network:

Well, here we go again.

Less than a week after endorsing a no vote on Measure 85 (corporate kicker for K-12), the Oregonian Editorial Board doubled down on their position, amplifying just how out of touch they are with Oregonians.

In an editorial about the Governor’s revenue reform process, the editorial board took the weird opportunity to malign Measure 85. (Remember, the Oregonian wrote in favor of corporate kicker reform just a few months ago, before taking a sharper turn to the right.)

Here’s the bottom line: The Oregonian wants to continue sending corporate kicker funds out to large, out-of-state corporations, rather than spending those funds on our K-12 schools (where the money is desperately needed).

Our students are facing a crisis in their schools, and they can’t wait any longer for something to be done.

Want to add your voice to the call to restore school funding? Join us at the Back To School Rally To Restore Funding next Friday, September 21 at 3:30pm.

Rally to Restore School Funding
Friday, September 21
Grant Park, NE Portland (at NE 33rd and Brazee)
Music at 3:30pm, Rally at 4pm

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