The Inside Source with Treasurer Wheeler: “Our investments are #1 in the nation” (VIDEO)

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Wheeler in actionEarlier this week, Our Oregon hosted Oregon State Treasurer Ted Wheeler on the Inside Source, our online and live program connecting viewers with top politicos in Oregon.

Treasurer Wheeler spoke with viewers and answered questions about the role of the treasurer’s office, our higher education system, and more.

To begin, the Treasurer shared information about the current state of Oregon’s economy, including our state successes with investments. We learned that our state’s investments have been rated #1 in the nation over the past 10 years and that Oregon’s credit rating has been increased in recent years — which helps our taxpayer dollars go a lot further. (Not that you’d hear any of this in the media.)

But, it’s not all rosy — and Treasurer Wheeler wasn’t shy about discussing where the state has room for improvement and sharing his insight and ideas about Oregon’s future. Among those plans is the Oregon Opportunity Initiative for higher education.

Though some have wondered why the State Treasurer is getting involved in state education, Treasurer Wheeler had a simple and clear response: “How do we grow Oregon’s economy? A big part of the answer, of course, is educating our citizens…. And we’ve all heard about how students are struggling under the status quo.” (True.)

The Treasurer also discussed concepts of protecting our investments from Wall Street, retirement security, and more. But tune in to hear the scoop straight from our Inside Source — State Treasurer Ted Wheeler.

p.s. Don’t miss, at minute 5: “We definitely think we’re sexy in the Treasury.”


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