What the Affordable Care Act means to Oregonians

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Tell your network:

Over the past week since the Supreme Court ruled that the Affordable Care Act will stand, we’ve been running reactions and responses from Oregonians about what the policy means to them.

From a diverse group of people with diverse interests, lifestyles, and priorities, there was at least one common sentiment: The Affordable Care Act improves our lives.

These stories include:

Local businessowner Jim Houser, who shared that, because of the ACA, “our small business received $12,903 credit on our 2010 taxes to help us pay our health insurance premiums. This nearly $13,000 gave us the confidence and the resources to promote a student intern to full-time technician.”

Sasha Buchert, Basic Rights Oregon, who wrote that “the Affordable Care Act’s nondiscrimination provisions and prohibitions on unfair insurance practices provide unprecedented protections for LGBT people’s access to safe and affordable care.”

Andrea Paluso, Family Forward Oregon, who noted that “women across the country are relieved that they will no longer be charged more for the same health insurance as men, since the ACA prohibits gender rating of insurance plans.”

Rev. Joseph Santos-Lyons, APANO, who says that the ACA “helps transform the experience of healthcare to be more equitable and inclusive” for all.

As well as Ann from the Oregon Foundation for Reproductive Health, Rebecca Tilley a Registered Nurse from La Grande, and Ron Williams from Oregon Action.

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