We Made It! November Will Be About Protecting Oregon’s Priorities

Tell your network:

Tell your network:

This afternoon, the Secretary of State’s office announced our Corporate Kicker for K-12 initiative has officially made the November ballot. Woohoo!

We’d like to send a big thank you out to all of the volunteers and supporters who helped us gather signatures and start laying the groundwork for a big win in November. Stay tuned, because the fun’s just starting.

More than 200,000 Oregonians signed their name to the measure to qualify it for the ballot. We look forward to working with Oregonians around the state to pass this measure in November!

By voting yes to reform the Corporate Kicker, we can begin the process of finally reinvesting in our K12 classrooms, rather than sending kicker refunds to large, out-of-state corporations. As much as 80% of the corporate kicker dollars go to corporations headquartered out of state. This measure will put those funds back into our classrooms—where they’re needed most.

Also today, we received word that Kevin Mannix’s Estate Tax Break for Millionaires has also qualified for the ballot. This massive tax break for the wealthy few will force hundreds of millions of dollars in cuts to our schools, health care, and public safety services.

With both of these measures appearing on the ballot, Oregon voters this fall will have an opportunity to make a clear decision about our values and priorities.

At a time when we’re cramming K-12 students into overcrowded classrooms, closing schools around the state, and cutting basic care to seniors and people with disabilities, the last thing we should do is give away more in tax breaks to large corporations and the rich.

Voting Yes on Corporate Kicker for K-12 and No on the Estate Tax Break will be the first step in a much bigger conversation about protecting the things that make Oregon great: Our schools, our communities, and our unique way of life.

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