Video Reveals Bill Sizemore’s Campaign Strategy… In His Own Words

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Want to know how Bill Sizemore is planning to trick Oregonians into voting for his anti-union ballot measure? We’ve posted a new video that reveals his strategy… in his own words. Click here to watch it.

Across the country, large corporations and the rich have waged attacks on public employees and middle-class families, taking away the voice of regular people. That fight is coming to Oregon, and it’s coming in the form of a ballot measure.

Sizemore is back with another attack on public employees and charities. He’s circulating an initiative that would revoke the right of public employees to contribute to their union’s political activities and many charities. His Initiative Petition 3 is nearly identical to Measure 64, which was defeated in 2008.

Before Sizemore was sent to jail for felony tax evasion, he revealed his campaign strategy—including a plan to trick and confuse voters—in a speech to a Tea Party group. Below is an edited version of his speech. (If you want to watch the full 43-minute speech, we’ve posted the link at the YouTube page.)

Corporate Lobbyists Join Sizemore’s Attack

Some of Oregon’s biggest corporate lobbyists also appear to be joining Sizemore’s attack on public employees, with a possible initiative of their own silencing the voice of working people. With the help of tobacco lobbyist Mark Nelson, they filed a similar initiative.

They’ve since withdrawn that initiative, but they could fund another effort, including financing from Sizemore-backer Loren Parks, a Nevada millionaire.

Eyes on the Street

Sizemore’s Initiative Petition 3 is currently on the streets gathering signatures. His organizations have used fraud, forgery, and racketeering in order to get on the ballot in the past. That’s why we need your eyes and ears on the street to help us gather information about Sizemore’s signature-gathering operation.

Have you spotted a signature gatherer on any initiative petitions? Go to or email and tell us what you saw. By helping us to collect this information, you’ll be an important part of this campaign.

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