A Tough–But Smart–Decision From Basic Rights Oregon

Tell your network:

Tell your network:

After engaging in smart political research and community outreach, our allies at Basic Rights have come to a very tough decision about not going to the ballot with marriage equality in 2012.

Based on all of the factors that need to be in place to win, BRO has made the right political calculation to keep moving forward by building public support. To reach their decision, they relied on input from members of the community and a board of advisors made up of some of the most respected political minds in the state. The decision was a tough one, but the right one to make.

Here’s an excerpt from the Basic Rights Board of Directors:

Ballot measures in Oregon have historically been used to attack the gay and transgender community. Today, we are finally in the driver’s seat, deciding when to go forward with a proactive ballot measure to achieve equality, instead of just fighting back. That presents our community with a tremendous opportunity and an immense responsibility.

To reach this decision, we evaluated a variety of data including an online survey with over 1,000 respondents from across Oregon. We convened a group of community leaders and campaign professionals, and held town halls in communities around the state.

The feedback we have overwhelmingly heard is that we must allow our education work to continue. The progress we’ve made in increasing support for the freedom to marry will only get better in the next two years.

Read the full statement here.

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