These Oregonians Are Speaking Out!

Tell your network:

Tell your network:

For weeks, Oregonians from across the state have been showing up in large numbers to town hall meetings with legislators, telling them loud and clear: Don’t balance the budget on the backs of middle class families, and don’t make cuts to schools and critical services before exhausting every other option.

From Portland to Bend to Medford, legislators have held forums and budget events, taking testimony from all who chose to speak out. And Our Oregon was right there, documenting the stories from those who stand to lose so much.

Today, we’re proud to launch a new page on the website dedicated to showing video stories from the people we spoke with. We were really moved by these stories, and we hope that you’ll help us move them out by sharing them through Facebook and/or Twitter.

One of the stories that really got to us was from Melissa in Bend. Melissa is a young woman with Autism who spoke strongly about the need to protect services for people with disabilities.

We were also moved by Rita Colton, who has turned things around for herself and her daughter—thanks to Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and job training programs.

The budget debate is heating up in Salem. It’s critical that legislators vividly remember the real people who will be affected by their budget decisions. The budget that the legislature puts together will be a moral document. Let’s make sure it reflects the right priorities—protecting the middle class, NOT giving away more tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy.

Speak up. Make your voice heard. Share these videos to amplify the voices of those who will be hurt most by potential cuts to critical services.

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