Tell Gov. Kitzhaber: No Blank Checks for Failing Online Schools

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Tell your network:

Any day now, HB 2301 will be landing on Gov. Kitzhaber’s desk. If he signs the bill, it will create an expansion of online charter schools—run by out-of-state, for-profit corporations—costing our K-12 schools hundreds of millions of dollars.

Even worse: Over the weekend, the Oregonian reported that Oregon Connections Academy (by far the largest online charter school in the state) has a graduation rate of 30%. Rep. Matt Wingard (R-Wilsonville) is paid by the school, which is why he pushed so hard for the bill.

Based on the numbers printed in the Oregonian, HB 2301 could mean as much as $150 million to $200 million per budget cycle diverted from neighborhood schools to corporations like Connections Academy.

Why would we ever consider taking millions of our tax dollars away from K-12 schools and sending it to a for-profit operation—based in Maryland—with such an abysmal track record?

[Will you take a minute right now and urge Gov. Kitzhaber to veto House Bill 2301?]

While districts around the state are being forced to close schools and layoff hundreds—if not thousands—of teachers due to budget cuts, HB 2301 will make this worse. The bill even outsources teaching jobs by letting online schools use out-of-state employees to teach their courses.

Plus, there is little to no real accountability of how corporations like Connections Academy use our tax dollars.

Until online charter schools can drastically slash their dropout rate, and until there is real accountability of where out tax dollars are going, we shouldn’t be writing them any blank checks.

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Don’t reward failure. Until Oregon Connections Academy can improve its 70% dropout rate, we shouldn’t be sending them more taxpayer dollars. Allowing these schools to expand will only shortchange Oregon students.

We can’t afford this bill. At a time when we’re closing schools and laying off teachers, HB 2301 would pull hundreds of millions away and send it to out-of-state corporations.

We need real accountability of where our tax dollars are going. Our money should fund our children’s education, not line the pockets of corporate executives.

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