Statement on Withdrawal of Anti-Union Initiative Petition

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Around the country, Wisconsin-style attacks on middle-class families and public employees are being waged by large corporations and the rich. These attacks are coming to Oregon in the form of a ballot measure, but today there is one less initiative petition aimed directly at Oregon workers.

Late yesterday, the chief petitioners of Initiative Petition 23 withdrew their petition. IP23 would have revoked the ability of public employees to contribute to their union’s political activities through their own paycheck—taking away a right that is available to every other worker in the state and giving large corporations even more political power.

“We’re pleased to learn that middle-class families and public employees won’t have to fight this specific measure—at least for now,” said Patrick Green, Executive Director of progressive group Our Oregon. “At a time when regular people are struggling just to make ends meet, the last thing we should do is give even more power to large corporations and the rich while taking away the voice of middle-class families.”

IP23 was coordinated by corporate lobbyist Mark Nelson. The signatures for the initiative were gathered by the signature-gathering firm started by Nelson, who is known to many Oregonians for running the opposition campaign to Measures 66 & 67 and for taking in $12 million in tobacco money to defeat a children’s healthcare measure.

While IP23 may be dead, initiative profiteer Bill Sizemore is still pushing forward with a similar initiative that would silence the political voice of public employees and many charities.

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