The “Stand With Walker” Sham

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Walker’s Sham Support

OPB reported on the Wisconsin showdown this morning. They described Governor Scott Walker’s budget bill, which would make public employees pay more for benefits and pensions, while simultaneously cutting their rights. And they talked about Walker’s “support,” noting that “the conflict has drawn increasing public attention to a pair of low-profile billionaires, David and Charles Koch, who give millions of dollars to groups working to drive civil service unions out of government and ultimately out of politics.”

The Koch brothers again? Why do they sound so familiar? Oh yeah, they’re the guys who plug millions of dollars into that astroturf front group Americans for Prosperity (AFP), which we told you about yesterday.

So what’s AFP up to this time? They’re dumping money into a “Stand With Walker” campaign, complete with a website and TV ad to boast support across the nation.

Support across the nation, eh? Even here in Oregon?

According to an email sent to supporters (click here to see it), Stand With Walker’s first big action was a host of rallies across the nation earlier this week. In Oregon, they claimed action in Salem, on Monday, February 21, at 12 noon, on the steps of the Capitol Building.

That’s funny. Because, yes–there was a rally at the steps of the State Capitol on Monday at noon, which brought out thousands of people. But instead of a Stand With Walker rally, it was a rally for education funding, featuring teachers, students, and parents. It was also a solidarity rally showing support for Wisconsin’s teachers and state workers. See for yourself in the picture to the right. Perhaps the “Stand With Walker” signs got lost behind the “Collective Bargaining is a Right” signs.

So maybe the Stand With Walker campaign doesn’t have much support here in Oregon. But what about the rest of the country? According to the website, they boast 122 followers across 67 cities. That’s nearly 2 followers per city! What about Walker’s own backyard, Madison, WI? Madison itself claims 6 whole followers.

Perhaps that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Numerous polls have shown that public opinion strongly backs the Wisconsin workers, and strongly opposes Walker’s attempts to undermine workers’ rights.

The numbers are clear: just 122 individuals in the whole country Stand for Walker. In the meantime, hundreds of people will stand today, just in Portland, in solidarity with Wisconsin public employees.

The Koch brothers’ money is far-reaching and can have a major negative impact–including the election of Scott Walker. But ultimately, it’s no match for people actually standing up for what’s right.

Another rally will be held tomorrow (Saturday, February 26) at noon in Salem. See here for more information.

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