Sarasohn wins award for childhood hunger series

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Big congrats are due to Oregonian columnist David Sarasohn, who just won the Casey Medals Award for Opinion Writing. He won the award for his (unfortunately) long-running series about childhood hunger.

Here’s what the award committee said about his work:

Sarasohn put a human face on a shocking statistic and illustrated the real social cost of hunger. The judges praised his columns for their many “stick in your stomach” lines; such as, “If your stock goes down, it may come back up. If you lose your job, you may get another. But if you spend fourth grade wondering if it’s time for lunch yet, you never get that back.”

Sarasohn’s moving coverage of childhood hunger was a big part of our inspiration last year when we decided to shoot a mini-documentary about how childhood homelessness is affecting Oregon schools. I’ve been impressed with his work for years, and it became evident to me while we were interviewing him just how much this issue hits him on a personal level.

Schools in Crisis: Homelessness and Education from Our Oregon on Vimeo.

Here are links to some of Sarasohn’s columns:

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“The Hungry State of Oregon’s Children”

“An Oregon Magazine Cover We’d Rather Cover Up”

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