Richardson and Republicans Slash Programs, Middle Class Priorities

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When the Ways and Means Committee released their proposed Oregon budget last week, advocates for schools, senior services, and public safety immediately raised the alarm.

The budget would mean painful cuts that would harm middle-class families, while holding on to hundreds of millions in unspent money. Rep. Dennis Richardson and legislative Republicans, on the other hand, embraced the budget cuts, even saying they didn’t go far enough.

This week, advocates launched a TV ad alerting Oregonians to the harmful impacts of Richardson’s budget, and the terrible idea to hold on to more than $440 million while middle-class families suffer. Watch the ad below.

Why are Representative Richardson and the Oregon Republicans holding money back, when schools are closing and middle class priorities like home health care for seniors are being slashed? Here’s what we know about their priorities: Republicans just voted to give away nearly $100 million in tax breaks to corporations.

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