Rep. Dennis Richardson: Bring Wisconsin Agenda to Oregon

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It looks like someone got under Rep. Dennis Richardson’s skin.

As soon as it was pointed out to the public that Richardson wants to hang on to hundreds of millions of dollars while making cuts to schools, senior care, and public safety, he showed his true colors. Dennis Richardson wants to bring Wisconsin-style attacks on working families to Oregon.

In a seemingly endless diatribe attacking Oregon’s teachers and public employees, Richardson had this to say:

Maybe the attempts to defang the public unions in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and California are not so radical after all.

The newly elected leaders in Wisconsin are trying to break up the union cartels. Consider the consequences in Wisconsin and other courageous states: Thousands of demonstrators march on their state capitols, sing songs of freedom-denied, and act the part of oppressed workers. In the presence of national media cameras and microphones we hear the chants of “power to the people,” orchestrated by union bosses and lobbyists who are really working to maintain “power over the people.”

So much for the bipartisan kumbaya image Richardson is trying to project. His real agenda is to attack teachers and frontline state workers and take away their right to advocate for their own working conditions.

While we strongly disagree with Richardson’s agenda, we’re grateful he’s laid it out in the open for all to see. We’re confident that the majority of Oregonians, like the majority of Americans, don’t join Richardson in his admiration for Wisconsin-style attacks on middle-class families.

Meanwhile, our neighbors to the north have taken to the capitol in Olympia to protest cuts to schools, senior care, and public safety. For three days, protestors have been at the capitol building, demanding that the legislature close tax loopholes for corporations and the rich in order to limit deep cuts that will hurt families.

Today, in an amazing display, as many as 15,000 protestors surrounded the Washington state capitol building, making Olympia look a lot like Madison. See below for some great photos from our friends at Fuse Washington.

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