What Yesterday’s Excitement Tells Us about Support for Marriage Equality

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Tell your network:

Big news yesterday.

The results rolled in that North Carolinians voted to ban marriage rights for same sex couples. But our nation’s conversation yesterday was focused on the event that occurred shortly after— the powerful statement from President Obama in support of marriage equality.

UPDATE: ABC has disabled embedded viewing of this video. Click over here for video of the President’s words.

Almost instantaneously, individuals across the entire nation unleashed an outpouring of positive emotions from excitement to gratitude.

What does this mean?

The focus and energy of the nation shows clearly that while there may be bumps along the road, the nation is moving forward down the right path. That the nation yesterday chose to focus on a positive message of support for marriage equality from our leader shows that what happened in North Carolina was a tactical victory for our opponents — not a true reflection of the country’s mood and beliefs.

As Basic Rights Oregon Executive Director Jeana Frazzini told the Oregonian yesterday, President Obama “is certainly the most high-profiled changed mind, but he’s not alone.” Americans’ support for marriage equality have been steadily growing — now including our President’s. We’re delighted to see the country’s continued move towards equality for same sex couples.

(Want to thank the President for his words? Basic Rights Oregon is sending him a ‘Thank You’ note. Click here to add your signature.)

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