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Tell your network:

We have a funding crisis caused by the Wall Street meltdown. Our schools, senior care, and basic services are all suffering. And our economy continues to falter thanks to massive layoffs of teachers and public employees.

There are a few ways to address these problems. The first and easiest decision legislators can make is to reverse the Measure 66 tax cuts for the rich that went into effect on January 1. (Click here to to sign the petition asking Governor Kitzhaber and Oregon Legislature to do just that.)

The legislature will meet in February, and we hope that good decisions will be made. But the clock is already ticking. And Oregon families can’t wait any longer for solutions to our state’s basic problems.

If Oregon’s leaders aren’t going to find solutions to these problems, the Oregon people will. Our Oregon has launched a series of initiative petitions with the Secretary of State’s office in order to start that process.

The initiatives cover a variety of topics, but all are aimed starting the conversation about protecting the programs and services vital to Oregon’s middle-class families. For full texts, click each title listed below:

Large Corporations Should Pay Their Fair Share I
Large Corporations Should Pay Their Fair Share II
Protect Oregon’s Priorities I
Protect Oregon’s Priorities II
Protect Oregon’s Priorities III
Fund Schools, Not the 1%
Millionaires Should Pay Their Fair Share I
Millionaires Should Pay Their Fair Share II
Tax the 1%
Balanced Approach to Oregon’s Budget I
Balanced Approach to Oregon’s Budget II
Freedom to Give
Protect Public Employees’ Right to Contribute

Filing these initiatives is just the start of the process. Over the coming weeks, we’ll have a better idea about which of these ideas will move forward, and then they’ll go through the legal process before we can begin gathering signatures on them.

Check back in on Sockeye for updates as we go along.

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