Oregon’s Overcrowded Classrooms (video)

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Tell your network:

Think back to when you were a student… Did you have your own desk? Did you have time to ask a question when you felt confused? Did your teacher know your name?

Now flash to the present. What do Oregon classes look like?

See for yourself:

Overcrowded Classrooms, Rowe Middle School from Our Oregon on Vimeo.

Things we can calculate: Oregon class sizes have gone up. Oregon school funding and number of teaching positions have gone down.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: these were not inevitable policy choices. This was the result of bad decisions and skewed priorities over the years, including choosing tax breaks for the rich over adequate school funding for our children.

We know that disinvesting in our education is bad for all of us. The only thing we can’t calculate is to what extent these policy decisions will harm the state of Oregon’s future if we keep on with the status quo.

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