Oregon is Open For Business

Tell your network:

Tell your network:

One year ago today, many of us were frantically doing last-minute phone calls and door knocks to get out the vote on Measures 66 & 67. After nearly a year of conversations with voters about protecting Oregon’s priorities, it all came down to the last day.

And just after 8pm that night, the results showed that voters saw through the well-funded corporate lobbyists who spent months spreading dishonest messages against the measures, exaggerating and outright making up stories about businesses impacted by Measures 66 & 67.

(Remember the Tillamook dairy letter?)

Unfortunately, these same corporate lobbyists have spent the last year continuing their misinformation campaign. They’re still spreading bogus stories about the impact of the measures on business, and they’ve refused to back up their claims with any facts.

That’s because the corporate lobbyists are wrong. In the last 12 months, scores of businesses have announced they are expanding or moving to Oregon. Venture capital has skyrocketed. The state’s 10 largest public corporations are sitting on $6.4 BILLION in cash and short-term investments. To put it simply, Oregon is open for business.

Want proof? We created a website called Oregon is Open for Business, where we’ve compiled a list of many of the businesses who’ve moved here or have grown since last January. Settle in, because it’s a long one.

Then, share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter (here’s a shortened URL you can use: http://bit.ly/hWG6gl), and let’s start letting the world know that Oregon is a great place to do business.

Finally, I want to extend another thank you for everything you did to pass Measures 66 & 67 a year ago. Without you, our current budget crisis would be much, much worse.

Even now, in a time of record corporate profits, corporate lobbyists are in Salem trying to repeal Measures 66 & 67. We invite them to spend more time working to create good jobs here in Oregon, and less time fighting last year’s battle. Let’s work together to bring down unemployment and put Oregonians back to work.

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