In The News: National Poll Shows Wide Opposition to GOP Budget Cut to Schools, Critical Services

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A new national poll shows what many other polls before it have shown: Voters really, really, really don’t want to see cuts to schools and critical health services.

The poll, conducted by Republican Bill McInturff and Democrat Peter D. Hart, shows that more than 60 percent of those polled are worried that the budget cuts proposed by Congressional Republicans could impact their lives and their families.

McInturff said that the poll results should be a warning to Republican lawmakers who are listening to the right-wing fringe rather than mainstream voters.

“It may be hard to understand why a person might jump off a cliff, unless you understand they’re being chased by a tiger,” he said. “That tiger is the Tea Party.”

In Oregon, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that voters oppose cuts to schools and critical services. Parents and community members around the state are—right now—standing up against cuts to their local schools.

More than 80 Dilley, Gales Creek parents rally in opposition of closing, consolidating the schoolsOregonian
“More than 80 Gales Creek and Dilley Elementary parents and supporters rallied in support of keeping them open at a meeting Wednesday to discuss closing or consolidating the small rural schools. The meeting was the product of a community summit subgroupassigned to study the cost-saving potential of closing one or both of the schools. The subgroup is also considering the possibility of closing the district office and relocating administrators into one or more school buildings to save money.”

Lake Oswego School District committee continues planning for school closures; parents urge board to scale back plansOregonian
“As a citizens advisory committee presented a tentative, narrowed-down list of schools that may shut down next year in the Lake Oswego School District, a few parents urged the school board to close one school, instead of three. A committee of community members charged to recommend schools for closure have recently decided to further examine configurations that could close either Oak Creek or Uplands Elementary Schools on the north side of the district, while either River Grove and Palisades is shut down on the south side. The board wants the group to choose a school from each side for potential closure.”


In the midst of this budget crisis, it all comes down to our priorities. What’s more important to us as a state—protecting our classrooms and ensuring that students are prepared for the future, or protecting tax breaks and giveaways for corporations? What priorities will lawmakers protect?

What are your priorities? Our online budget puzzle, which puts you in the driver’s seat of Oregon’s budget crisis, is available at Haven’t tried it yet? Now’s the time to check it out!

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