A New Conspiracy Theory from Art Robinson – Are you kidding me?

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ARE YOU KIDDING ME? According to Art Robinson, best known for his noisy and misleading denials of global warming, Oregon State University has a personal vendetta against him.

Just last week, Robinson created a website to carry out his newest campaign of bunk.

His claim?

“The Democrat political machine in Oregon really plays hardball when it comes to political payback. In retribution for my running against liberal socialist Peter Defazio in the Oregon District 4 congressional election, DeFazio supporters at Democrat stronghold Oregon State University are trying to prevent three of my children from receiving their PhD degrees in nuclear engineering at OSU. ”

But, he admits, “I don’t have definitive proof. That is what I believe. Basically, I know what happened.”

It’s interesting that the only real evidence of attacks are those coming from Robinson, who has labeled one OSU administrator a “militant feminist” and suggested another professor was privy to – if not directly involved in – sexual assault of drunk OSU nuclear engineering students. (Even Robinson himself had to admit that this was mere rumor.)

OSU launched a full, lengthy inquiry into the wild accusations and issued a press release of its own findings: “Since Mr. Robinson began making these claims last fall, university leadership has had ample opportunity to look into them through the Office of the Provost, the Graduate School and the Office of the Dean of the College of Engineering, and can say, categorically, that the allegations and attacks are unfounded and without merit.”

Hang on, let’s recap the score:

Robinson: “I don’t have definitive proof.”
OSU: After full investigation, they determine that the allegations are baseless and false.

Robinson… seriously, I’ve got to know. Are you kidding me?

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