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Here’s your must-read of the week: an honest assessment of Rep. Richardson’s shameful scare tactics and anti-teacher rhetoric. Steve Duin calls out the Spam King for his deceitful propagation of misinformation and misperceptions about our schools and our teachers. He goes so far as to identify the Representative’s talking points as “slander.”┬áThat’s no nonchalant term from a newspaper journalist.

From Duin:

Richardson — the Republican state representative from Central Point — is best known, if known at all, for peppering state employees and others with his budgetary musings, using personal email addresses he obtained through the public-records law.

The guy has accuracy issues. PolitiFact Oregon has twice flagged as “false” Richardson’s contentions about the benefits and salaries of public employees, his favorite email targets.

Richardson has long argued that he intends no offense, just constructive dialogue on how “limited tax resources should be spent.” But his May 4 mailing on the (now resolved) Eagle Point teachers’ strike betrays the insincerity of that claim, especially when Richardson champions what I call the 7 1/2 hour slander.

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