More on the Corporate Takeover of Education

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Tell your network:

Yesterday, there were a series of events around the state highlighting various issues facing Oregon schools. Letter writing campaigns, petition signature drives (yay!), and several marches took place throughout the day.

The overarching themes of the messages we heard delivered yesterday were concern that our state is not doing enough for our students and fear of the excessive level of power and influence corporations are wielding over our education system.

The New York Times had a morbidly fascinating article a week ago about a similar issue. “Public money finds back door to private schools” examined abuses of school vouchers and tax-credit system by charter and private school administrations and parents in Georgia and other states. But the thing about this is that, in this case, “abuse” is not a euphemism for individuals breaking the law; no, these policies were carefully crafted to permit this type of sneaky finagling. These abuses are, technically, legal.

Digest that.

So does it surprise you to learn that ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) is one of the masterminds behind these policies and programs?

Corporate influence continues to grow more powerful. ALEC is one example. But as Scott aptly reminded us earlier this week, though, ALEC is not the only example.

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