Matt Wingard Is Sneaking Around: Act Now to Demand Sunshine

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Tell your network:

Are you wondering what’s happening in the closing days of the legislative session? So are we.

A handful of lawmakers are attempting to drastically rewrite education policy for the state, and they’re doing it in negotiations behind closed doors. These legislators, led by Rep. Matt Wingard (R-Connections Academy), are pushing bad bills that would harm our K-12 schools, and they’re holding $25 million in education funding hostage in the process.

Speak out now! Tell your legislators to say no to making deals in the dark!

None of the last-minute revisions to these bills have received any public testimony or input of any kind. Oregon voters approved annual legislative sessions last year in order to increase transparency, accountability, and public involvement in the legislative process.

And yet these legislators haven’t included parents, teachers, students or education advocates in these discussions, even though these bills would drastically impact our local schools. Policies that affect the future of our children’s education should be decided in the light of day. We can reconsider these bills with full public input at the next legislative session, which is literally just months away.

Here’s just one example of one of the bills being secretly negotiated: House Bill 2301, which would expand virtual charter schools and weaken the instructional quality for kids. As we’ve pointed out, Wingard is on the payroll of the largest virtual charter school in the state (Oregon Connections Academy), and would benefit greatly from this bill. He has taken the lead role in deal-making on HB2301 and several others that would benefit his employers. He’s pushing his own agenda in backroom deals in order to line his own pockets.

Wingard and Republican leadership want to block you from having input on these sneaky deals. That’s why you should speak out now to your legislators and tell them:

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