Kicker For K-12 Update, May 16

Tell your network:

Tell your network:

The drumbeat for school funding gets louder

It was another fantastic week for signature gathering—we’ve now brought in more than 67,000 signatures statewide.

Volunteer Spotlight

We continue to have a great response from volunteers around the state. This week’s Volunteer Spotlight shines on schools advocate and parent Barbara Smith Warner. Barbara has gathered more than 100 signatures largely by talking to other parents at her kids’ events.

Thanks to her help, we’re that much closer to reaching the ballot in November. Thanks, Barbara!

Will you help get signatures from family and friends? Go here to get everything you need.

Parents, Students, and Teachers March

Last Friday, as many as 2,000 parents, teachers, students, and community members rallied in Portland to demand an end to school budget cuts. It was an inspiring action by people who see the impact of cuts every single day.

Did you miss it? Never fear, we were there with video cameras. Here’s a short video of the event!

Great News from the May Election

They may not have been the most prominent races on your local ballot, but there were school bonds and levies that were decided in this May’s election.

The results held great news for school supporters: There were 10 communities that had school measures on the ballot, and a whopping 8 of them passed. From East Portland to North Douglas to Klamath Falls, voters lined up to support their local schools.

It’s yet more evidence that local communities have had enough of ongoing cuts to their schools. 

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