Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Arguments By Racketeer Bill Sizemore

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Circuit Court Judge Joseph Guimond has thrown out arguments filed by Racketeer Bill Sizemore in a lawsuit against Our Oregon, Defend Oregon, and others stemming from the 2008 ballot measure campaign.

Sizemore filed the multi-million dollar lawsuit in late 2008, upset that his opponents pointed out his troubling history of fraud, forgery, and racketeering.

The court has now thrown out Sizemore’s arguments. In his opinion, the judge wrote:

The court finds that it could be reasonably inferred that Bill Sizemore was a “convicted racketeer” as he was the executive director of political action committees that were found liable for fraud, forgery, and racketeering.

In other words, when you act like a convicted racketeer and run an organization that gets busted for racketeering, don’t be surprised when people start calling you a convicted racketeer.

The case still has some technical steps to go through before it’s dismissed entirely, but this opinion effectively means that Sizemore no longer has any arguments or evidence to support his suit. In short, Sizemore no longer has a case.

Our Oregon Executive Director Patrick Green applauded the court’s dismissal of the suit.

“We worked hard to put an end to Bill Sizemore’s abuse of the political system,” Green said. “Now we’re glad to see that the court has put an end to Sizemore’s abuse of the legal system as well.”

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