Journey to the center of Bill Sizemore’s mind… If you dare

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Did you think you’d heard the last of initiative profiteer Bill Sizemore? Not if he can help it.

Sizemore has just filed a sprawling 56-page federal lawsuit alleging that his constitutional rights have been violated. The suit names a laundry list of people Sizemore blames for his legal and political problems, including Secretaries of State, Attorneys General, Justice Department employees, multiple judges, labor unions, and 50 John Doe defendants he hasn’t even named yet.

The tome reads less like a lawsuit, however, than a peek into the inner working of Bill Sizemore’s mind. It’s the History of Bill Sizemore’s Downfall as told by Bill Sizemore. In Sizemore’s version of his life, nothing bad has ever happened to him that wasn’t caused by a vast conspiracy.

Going to jail for not filing his tax returns, separating from his wife, owing millions from judgments against his companies–these are all the result of a conspiracy against him, not his own willingness to break the law and then throw his friends and family under a bus.

He appears to have stopped just short of suing the Department of Corrections over the quality of the food in jail. (Sizemore really loves blueberry cheese danishes.)

If you don’t have time (or inclination) to read all 56 pages, the Northwest Labor Press has a good selection of highlights:

* Sizemore rebuts accusations that he had been angry with his wife or abused her in any way when she considered the state’s offer to testify against him in a tax case.

* Sizemore says the Oregon Supreme Court intimidated Marion County Circuit Court Judge Joseph Guimond, and as a result Guimond dismissed a lawsuit Sizemore had filed. In that 2010 suit, a Sizemore group called “Oregonians for Honest Elections” had sought $10 million in damages from numerous individuals for calling Sizemore a “convicted racketeer.” Sizemore also accuses Judge Guimond of defaming him for ruling that it was not unreasonable to call Sizemore a convicted racketeer.

* Sizemore says Secretary of State Kate Brown violated his First Amendment rights by insisting he comply with a reform law by turning over payroll records showing that employees had not been paid by the signature. When he refused to comply, Brown ordered signature-gathering halted on the petition; Sizemore argues that damaged his credibility with previous and future donors.

* Sizemore accuses Judge Janice Wilson of violating his right to due process when she stated in her ruling that he lied under oath; Sizemore maintains that because no perjury charges were filed, the statement was improper.

…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Oh, and in case it’s not obvious, Sizemore is representing himself in the lawsuit.

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