Hollywood takes note

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We don’t typically post entertainment/gossipy-type news, but this bit of news from Hollywood seemed noteworthy:

It looks like the most popular elementary school teacher on network television,…Jess on the hit Fox TV show "New Girl", will experience what over 150,000 other American educators have over the past two years. Jess is about to be laid off due to budget cuts… Given that 46 percent of teachers leave the profession within five years, it would be pretty realistic to see Jess doing what so many other former educators have done: deciding that she’s had enough of the relatively low pay, poor working conditions, and being treated unprofessionally.

I know Zooey Deschanel is a bit polarizing these days (opinions ranging from "She’s so cute and quirky!" to "She’s sooo annoying") so her particular layoff may not bring that much sympathy. But at least Hollywood is taking note of what the rest of the nation is living with and giving some airtime to show what it’s like to be a teacher right now.

It’s unlikely that New Girl will explore the impact of Jess’ layoff on the kids in her classroom, but I suspect that would be just as interesting (albeit perhaps a little too depressing for a show billed as a comedy.) Not only do these students lose their favorite teacher, they also get to look forward to larger class sizes and fewer educational opportunities.

Sad to say, that’s the real life ‘plot’ playing out in many Oregon classrooms right now.

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