Here’s what an apology from Dennis Richardson Sounds Like

Tell your network:

Tell your network:

As we’ve mentioned, Rep. Dennis Richardson has exploited the state’s public records system to get his hands on at least half a million email addresses, which he’s used to send out his conservative political screeds. (Including this latest one about the Estate Tax.)

Many people have responded to his emails by trying to unsubscribe, but have found it difficult. Or they’ve found that they mysteriously end up back on his list.

And many of those who’ve written to Richardson complaining about his previous spam emails received this stock response back:

The text reads:

Do you realize that you are not in my district and cannot vote for me.  If my motives were political, I would not waste my time contacting those who cannot vote in my district.  For just a moment stop and consider that I may be sending this information to you for the benefit of informing Oregonians about what is taking place in our state.

Your email address will be deleted, and it will be your loss not mine.  Too bad your skepticism overpowers your ability to accept information from one who offers it for free and expecting nothing in return.
Best wishes and good bye, Dennis R

Spoken like a true statesman.

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