Have You Seen a Petition Circulator?

Tell your network:

Tell your network:

It’s that time of year!

You know what I’m talking about: you’re on the MAX, you’re walking downtown, you’re strolling up Hawthorne or Alberta, when suddenly: “Are you interested in signing a petition to ban studded tires?” or “Are you interested in signing a petition to give more tax breaks to the rich?”

You’ve probably become adept at avoiding these folks. You avert your eyes, cross the street, or stick your nose in your book. But, today, we’re asking you to start fighting those habits. To take a deep breath, muster the courage, and allow petition circulators to engage you in conversation.

Why? Because we need your help! One of the best ways to keep track of what’s on the street is to fill out an Eyes on the Street report. This is a simple, online form where you can share when you have seen petition circulators and what they were carrying.

These reports help us keep an eye out for initiative integrity and keep tabs on what’s circulating. And that information helps us all to be better informed about the measures we might see on the November ballot, from the good to the bad (and the ugly.)

Never interfere with a petition circulator’s work. And never argue with petition circulators, even if they’re misrepresenting an initiative.

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