Educate vs. Incarcerate

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Here’s a pretty incredible chart from visualizing statistics on education versus incarceration.

It’s especially interesting in light of the Think Out Loud piece that came out today on OPB about Salem’s Hillcrest Youth Correctional Facility. If we must incarcerate people, how can we work with them to rehabilitate and reintegrate with society when they are released? How can our investments in education or incarceration work to benefit the other?

In the US, it costs between $8,895 and $11,110 to educate the average student. It costs $31,900 to incarcerate the average prisoner.

The United States is #20 in education globally, but #1 in incarceration.

1/100 college graduates is incarcerated. 1/35 high school graduates are incarcerated. 1/10 high school dropouts are incarcerated.

Here’s that Think Out Loud clip:

RADIO: Hillcrest Youth Correctional Facility
OPB News
“There are about 150 inmates at Hillcrest — all of whom are male and between the ages of 12 and 25, and all of whom committed their crimes before age 18. About half of the boys at Hillcrest transition to other Oregon Youth Authority facilities around the state, but the guys in Jacob’s unit are there for the long-term, usually more than five years. During their time at Hillcrest, youth are required to enroll in classroom or vocational programs. Once they graduate from high school some can go on to college courses. One such course is called Inside Out. You may have heard about this from a program we did late last year. (Or you may have read this recent editorial in The Oregonian.) College students from Oregon State University spend one night a week, for about three months, studying with students at Hillcrest.”

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