Corporate Kicker for K-12 Campaign kicks off community meetings

Tell your network:

Tell your network:

Last night in Hillsboro, a group of parents, teachers, and activists met to discuss the issues they are most concerned about in Oregon: the state of Oregon’s K-12 schools. The group identified some of the key problems and discussed the proactive steps needed to begin fixing the problem.

Their plan? Help Oregonians understand just how important this November’s election will be to Oregon’s K-12 schools.

Why is this election so important for K-12 schools?

This November, Oregon will vote on two ballot measures that will have broad implications for K-12 schools across the state.

Kevin Mannix’s Estate Tax Break (Measure 84) is a tax break for millionaires that will cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars — dollars that should be funding our schools.

Corporate Kicker for K-12 Schools (Measure 85) will reform the corporate kicker by putting money back into Oregon K-12 classrooms, rather than into the pockets of large, out-of-state-corporations.

We know what budget cuts have meant to our schools over the years: overcrowded class sizes, laid off teachers, and school closures. Now, there is an opportunity to begin mending the hole and fight back against further budget cuts.

This November brings a clear choice for Oregon’s future: do you think we should vote to support and fund our schools or send more tax breaks to corporations and the rich?

Want to join their conversation? RSVP here for a meeting in your community. Don’t see one near you? Email

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