Broad Coalition Responds to the Revenue Forecast: Spend the Additional Money on Middle-Class Priorities

Tell your network:

Tell your network:

Our Oregon joined nine other organizations this morning in responding to the Revenue Forecast. Here’s the joint statement.

This morning, the latest Economic and Revenue Forecast was released, showing that Oregon will bring in $128.8 million more for the 2011-13 budget period than previously expected. That is great news, as it will mean more funding available for schools, colleges, and critical services, like senior care, children’s services, and public safety.

As a coalition representing Oregonians of all walks of life, we strongly believe that this funding should be used to protect the priorities and values that all Oregonians share.

That means using these funds now to limit cuts to schools and services that the middle class depends on, like long-term care for seniors and people with disabilities, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, clean air and water monitoring, and youth correctional facilities, which keep our communities safe.

These funds should not be used to fund tax breaks that primarily benefit those who are still prospering, even in this troubled economy. In addition to taking a critical look at the tax breaks that are currently on the books, legislators should refuse to vote for new tax giveaways for the well off.

For weeks, legislators have been hearing from people around the state, who’ve shared powerfully moving stories about how budget cuts will affect them and their families. Oregon’s elected leaders should take these stories to heart and vote to protect those families who’ve been hit the hardest by this recession.

How we respond to this economic crisis is a test of who we are as a people. We urge Oregon’s leaders to stand up for middle-class families and protect the schools and services we all value.


AARP Oregon
Children First for Oregon
Our Oregon
Oregon PTA
Oregon Health Care Association
Oregon League of Conservation Voters
Oregon Education Association

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