Can the American dream break through the partisan gridlock?

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Tell your network:

After getting blocked in committee by House Republicans, Democrats are moving forward on a bill that would provide equal access to a college education for all students in Oregon.

House Democrats filed a discharge petition yesterday for Tuition Equity (SB 742), a bill that would give in-state tuition status to undocumented students who had attended at a minimum of three years at an Oregon high school before graduating.

The bill would allow kids who have lived in Oregon for most of their lives a chance at achieving their dreams. Without this bill, these students would have to pay tuition almost three times the amount of in-state tuition, effectively eliminating the opportunity to attend for many. It passed in the Senate with bipartisan support and had a Republican co-sponsor. But now, House Republicans are using partisan politics to block it from even making it to the House floor for a full vote.

Such an important issue, affordable access to higher education for all Oregon students, deserves a fair shake and a floor vote.

“This issue is too important to become a victim of process and committee gridlock,” said Rep. Michael Dembrow. “This bill deserves a floor debate and an up-or-down vote, and I am confident that it has the votes to pass this chamber.”

Members have five days to add their name to the public petition. The last day to sign the petition for tuition equity is Tuesday, June 7th.

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