To The Ballot! The Campaign to Reform the Corporate Kicker Turns in More than 200,000 Signatures

Tell your network:

Tell your network:

This afternoon, the process to reinvest in our K-12 schools moved one step forward, when the Corporate Kicker for K-12 campaign brought its signature total to 205,250 on Initiative Petition 35.

(That’s Chief Petitioner Patrick Green turning in the signatures this afternoon —->)

The initiative will reform the Corporate Kicker by putting those funds into our K-12 schools, rather than sending it to large, out-of-state corporations. As much as 80 percent of the Corporate Kicker money goes to corporations that are headquartered outside of Oregon.

Oregonians from around the state signed on to support the Corporate Kicker for K-12 initiative because they’ve seen the daily impact of our school-funding crisis. Students are crammed into overcrowded classrooms, thousands of teachers have been laid off, and schools are closing. At the same time, the state is losing billions of dollars to tax breaks.

“Across the state, parents know that we’ve got to get serious about putting money into our schools,” says the Oregon PTA’s Otto Schell. “This is the first step toward prioritizing our students and schools, and giving them the support they deserve.”

The Corporate Kicker for K-12 measure is supported by a broad coalition that is growing every day. The coalition includes the Oregon PTA, the Oregon Education Association, Basic Rights Oregon, Partnership for Safety and Justice, Tax Fairness Oregon, Alliance for Democracy, and Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, just to name a few.

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