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Bruce Hanna and Republican Leaders Kill Bill: Part 1

And They Chose Corporations Over Kids!
This week, Oregon House Republicans killed a number of bills by letting the clock run out on them. Many of these bills have enough votes on the floor of the House to pass, but Republican leaders, including Co-Chair Bruce Hanna, R-Coca Cola, have refused to let them out of committee. Over the next several days, we’ll be highlighting some of these important bills and what they could have meant for Oregonians.

Senate Bill 695, which would ban the chemical BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups, has been blocked in the House by Republicans who refuse to hold a committee work session on it.

Why is this bill so important? Take it away, OLCV: “Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a dangerous, toxic chemical that is routinely found in plastic children’s food products like baby bottles, sippy cups, and infant formula cans.  Toxic BPA has been linked to several increasing children’s developmental problems. “

Instead of voting to protect children by banning this harmful chemical in children’s products, Republican leaders have put the brakes on the bill. Why would that be? Kari Chisholm at Blue Oregon has an interesting take:


“I’m not privy to all the wheeling and dealing down there on this particular bill, but it occurs to me that the primary opponents of this bill are the people who make packaging products — and the Republican co-Speaker, Bruce Hanna, is the president of Roseburg Coca-Cola Bottling Company.

Coke’s support for using Bisphenol-A is so strong that activist website called Coke “one of the most notoriously pro-BPA companies” last year.

How bad is Coke’s stubborn behavior? Earlier this year, at the company’s annual meeting, 26% of Coke shareholders voted to stop using Bisphenol-A. And yet, Coke continues to cling to the toxic substance. (At most companies a 10% shareholder vote is enough to spark changes.)

So, here’s what I want to know: Has Bruce Hanna excused himself from the internal deliberations over Senate Bill 695? He’s got a pretty darn clear conflict of interest as a major user of the toxic substance in his business.”


The good news is that all is not lost. Next Tuesday, Co-Speaker Hanna will be attending a town hall in Washington County along with Republican Senator Bruce Starr and Republican Reps. Shawn Lindsay and Katie Eyre-Brewer. OLCV is encouraging supporters of the BPA ban to show up at the event and demand to know why Hanna is playing politics with the health and safety of our children.

What: Town Hall with Speaker Bruce Hanna, Senator Bruce Starr, and Representatives Shawn Lindsay and Katie Eyre-Brewer.

Where: Hillsboro Civic Auditorium
150 E. Main Street, Hillsboro, OR

When: Tuesday, May 31 at 6:30 p.m


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