The Bright Side of Life


Let's face it, the news today can be downright depressing. It's important to remember that things aren't all bad--in fact, there are some really great things happening around us all the time. Introducing, The Bright Side of Life.

Happy Friday! Here are a few stories we found that brightened up the OO office throughout the week.

Proving that citizen advocacy works, Oregonians and advocacy organizations (including Economic Fairness Oregon) managed to triumph over the big bank lobby industry earlier this week. On Monday, after weeks of delay tactics, the Oregon Legislature passed a bill that will require accountability from banks who try to foreclose on homeowners -- no more sneaky tactics and no more 'losing loan modification paperwork' while actually working to foreclosure.

Daylights Savings Time is this weekend, which means warmer morning and later sunlight. And if you're worried about the effects of that lost hour Monday morning, fear not -- MAX commuters can snag a free cup of coffee on their way in to work Monday morning (at the Lloyd Center stop only.)

Oregon pride! The South Salem High School culinary team, after claiming a win at the state cooking championship, is headed to Baltimore for the 11th National ProStart Invitational.

And now for cute pics of some baby otters!


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