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It's Friday, the skies are blue, and here comes TBSL:

Fewer people have swum across the English Channel than have summited Mt. Everest, the tallest peak in the world. But now we can add Oregon native, Mackenzie Bradley (Sherwood), to the list. Her 5 mile trek took her 13 hours.

Oregon's most celebrated summer event, the Oregon State Fair, kicks off today! And the Oregonian has a list of deals to make the event even sweeter.

This isn't local news (unless you consider the 4,000 light years within the context of the universe, I suppose.) But be prepared to be dazzled: astronomers discovered a planet mostly made of diamond. But, it's probably not what you're thinking. "In terms of what it would look like, I don't know I could even speculate," said Ben Stappers of the University of Manchester. "I don't imagine that a picture of a very shiny object is what we're looking at here."

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