Tell Legislators: No tax cuts for big corporations and the rich

Tell your network:

Tell your network:

Oregon has the third largest class sizes in the nation, one of the shortest school years, and our basic senior services are threatened due to funding cuts.

Despite this crisis, Republican legislators in Salem have introduced several bills that would cut hundreds of millions of dollars more away from our schools and basic services, all just to give massive tax cuts to large corporations and the wealthy few.1

In the Oregon Senate, Republican legislators have introduced four bills that would cost our schools and basic services more than $780 million.

It’s time to say “Enough is Enough! No New Tax Cuts for Large Corporations and the Rich!”

Sign this petition to tell Oregon legislators to vote No on any new tax breaks for big corporations and the rich.


1. 1. SB 593 would cut the capital gains tax rate in half, costing $400 million

SB 594 would expand a bonus depreciation tax break for businesses, costing more than $93 million.

SB 595 would cut the corporate minimum tax rate to $150 for all corporations, regardless of size, and cut the tax rate on corporate profits, costing approximately $190 million.

SB 671 would raise the estate tax exemption to $5 million, costing $100 million.

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