Sign the Petition: Demand a Fair Election in Clackamas County

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Tell your network:

Clackamas County’s Elections Office is under investigation for alleged ballot tampering to benefit Republican candidates, and now the same office has come under fire for calling the police to harass Democratic canvassers.

County Clerk Sherry Hall has a record of making politically charged statements that have revealed her right-wing bias, raising doubts around the state that she can administer a fair election.

–Click here to sign the petition demanding a fair election in Clackamas County–

Hall is independently elected, and she’s directly responsible for the integrity of elections in the county. But, simply put, there’s no reason to have any confidence in the integrity of the elections process in Clackamas County, and that’s an outrage.

This doesn’t just affect Clackamas County. The vote count in Clackamas will impact many statewide races, and will even likely determine who holds the majority in the Oregon House of Representatives.

The Department of Justice is currently investigating Sherry Hall’s office, but we also need to raise our voice and make it clear across the state that Hall’s record of voting irregularities and political bias is unacceptable.

–Click here to sign the petition demanding a fair election in Clackamas County–

By signing this petition, we’re demanding clean and fair elections in Clackamas County, and making it clear that we will not stand for Sherry Hall’s tactics any longer.

Our goal is to have 1,000 people sign this petition, representing every county in Oregon. Please forward it on to your friends through email, Facebook, and Twitter so we can spread the word far and wide.

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