Senator Jeff Merkley: “The Senate is absolutely broken” (VIDEO)

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merkleyinsidesourceTheĀ Inside Source is Our Oregon’s live and online show, where Oregon’s top politicos answer questions directly from you.

Earlier this month, we were joined by U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley to discuss how our country can turn things around for the middle class. Sen. Merkley, a leader on filibuster reform, doesn’t waste much time on fluff. After a short explanation of the current political and economic context, he turned the floor over to the live questions submitted by our viewers.

Sen. Merkley shared his optimism for the future. While he acknowledged that “it feels like the American Dream is just slipping through our fingers,” he discussed the decisions our leaders can make to get our future back on track, including strengthening pathways for homeownership, higher education, small businesses, and living wage jobs.

Sen. Merkley also spoke about the burden of debt for our college and university students — specifically, how “the true impact of the high cost is under-reported, because in addition to the folk who obtain a high amount of debt and struggle with it, there’s also folks who decide not to go to college to begin with because they don’t think there’s any way they’re going to be able to pay for it.”

The Senator didn’t bat an eye upon hearing one comment from a viewer that “the Senate is where progress currently goes to die.” He agreed that “the Senate is absolutely broken” and spoke about the need for filibuster reform and a rejection of corporate influence.

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