Republican Voter Fraud and the Oregon Connection

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National headlines are linking voter fraud to the Republican National Committee and their operative, Nathan Sproul. Apparently, Sproul has been breaking the law, yet again, by using illegal tactics to pay his crew and encouraging them to register only Republican voters (see below) and/or to destroy Democratic voter registration cards.

Ummm, sound familiar?

From the Oregonian in 2004,

Last week, in a story first reported by KGW-TV, a canvasser in Oregon said that he’d been instructed to accept registrations only from Republicans, and that he “might” destroy those from Democrats. According to The Associated Press, Douglas County Clerk Barbara Nielsen reported complaints that registration workers for Sproul & Associates had urged new voters to register as Republicans, saying that otherwise the workers wouldn’t get paid, and suggesting forms from Democrats might not make it to the clerk’s office.

When Sproul’s practices became known in Oregon, the Oregon Attorney General’s office began swift investigation of Sproul and his team. In the end, Sproul ended up moving shop out of Oregon, and Oregon’s Legislature passed new, stricter laws to prevent fraud in Oregon.  Soon after, other states where Sproul was working (including Nevada) began also investigating Sproul’s work.

So, that makes it even more interesting that it’s just last week that the Republican National Committee has acted on the most recent allegations against Sproul. The Republican National Committee has not only fired Sproul, but is also filing its own election claim against the company after bad publicity arose in the press.

But it’s not as though the RNC wasn’t already familiar with Sproul’s history when they hired him.

From the LA Times:  “When Sproul was tapped by the RNC to do field work this year, officials requested that he set up a new firm to avoid being publicly linked to the past allegations, Sproul told The Times. The firm was set up at a Virginia address, and Sproul does not show up on the corporate paperwork.”

The fact of the matter is that Sproul is a GOP operative with a long history of trying to corrupt the voter registration system for partisan benefits. He has shown he will act ruthlessly to do anything it takes to confuse voters and deny them their to vote.

Republicans have been hiring a company previously known for voter fraud, all while crying the need to prevent it. They want to require voter IDs from those who are least likely to have it (but most likely to vote for progressive candidates and issues) and yet the only guy that they know is involved in voter fraud won a big contract from them.

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