Overcrowded Classrooms (video)

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We’ve been speaking with parents, teachers, students, and other education advocates all around the state to find out how things really look in Oregon’s K-12 classrooms.

Here is the latest in our video series, from High School History teacher (and dad) Steve Nims.

One of the particularly poignant moments from this interview was Steve’s discussion on the connection between Oregon’s schools and Oregon’s business environment. The tired argument put forth by many on the right is that we must invest in Oregon by slashing tax rates for corporations and the rich, in order to create revenue for schools. This is, of course, best known as "trickle-down economics" and for not working.

As Steve aptly points out, investing in our schools is the absolute best way to invest in Oregon’s business environment. Because Oregon’s tried investing in corporations — and we’ve realized it doesn’t work. Time to give education a turn.


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