Our Oregon Files Formal Complaint Over False Robocalls

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On Friday, we filed a formal complaint with the Secretary of State and the Attorney General’s office, asking for a thorough investigation into the tens of thousands of bogus robocalls that have gone out to voters in recent days. Here’s the statement that we sent to the press along with the complaint:

Our Oregon Files Complaint in Robocall Case

This afternoon, Our Oregon filed a complaint with the Oregon Secretary of State and the Oregon Attorney General’s office regarding tens of thousands of robocalls made to Oregon voters.

The calls—falsely claiming that recipients’ voter registration is inactive—have been widely reported in the press. At present, GOP political operative (and former Bill Sizemore associate) Tim Trickey and Rep. Julie Parrish have claimed responsibility for the calls. Our Oregon believes a thorough investigation is necessary.

“With all the many people involved, this was either a conspiracy to confuse and disenfranchise 73,000 voters or a confederacy of dunces,” said Our Oregon Executive Director Patrick Green. “Either way someone should be held responsible for breaking the law.”

Today’s complaint outlines apparent violations of Oregon’s robocall statute as well as the Oregon Unlawful Trade Practices Act.

The full complaint is attached.

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