Oregon’s Forecast: Looking Up

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Oregon’s latest revenue forecast was released this morning and provided steady numbers of an improving economy. The forecast shows that Oregon legislators will have an additional $30.5 million in the upcoming year (as part of the 2011-13 budget cycle.)

The additional money available to the state budget may provide a glimmer of hope for Oregon’s schools, senior services, and public safety programs, which have suffered reduced budgets this cycle.

Perhaps more significant, though, is what the numbers show for the upcoming budget. This morning’s forecast suggests an additional $54.9 million for the 2013-15 budget than originally expected.

In a press release, Oregon House Democratic Leader Val Hoyle stated, “this forecast reaffirms what we’ve known: we’re creating jobs and our economy is continuing its slow recovery.” She continued: “The upcoming session will require a lot of difficult choices, and careful prioritization of the things that matter most.”

Oregon voters, like voters around the nation, made their intentions clear in November that they support a steady approach to recovery, while continuing investments in schools and other important infrastucture.

This sentiment will be particularly important in the coming months, as Governor Kitzhaber and state leaders work to produce a budget proposal for the upcoming cycle.

Want to make your intent clear? Click here to tell your elected leaders that you prioritize funding for schools and other services families rely on.

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