OR House Republicans Hire Christie Castoff in Key Role

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Chris Christie: PR FiascoLet’s face it: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s office has become a public relations fiasco, with charges of bullying, corruption, and dangerous political retribution torpedoing his chances to ever become president. From a PR standpoint, it’s one of the biggest meltdowns in recent memory.

So, if you were a statewide political organization looking for a new communications director, exactly how desperate would you have to be to take your search to Gov. Christie’s communications office?

Apparently, you’d have to be Oregon House Republicans desperate.

From the Oregonian’s Harry Esteve, who’s still occasionally reporting about politics:

Oregon House Republicans have hired a new communications director who comes straight from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s office.

And yes, she was there for the infamous Bridgegate.

Kara Walker was Christie’s deputy press secretary up until late last month. She wasn’t among those who received individual subpoenas as part of a federal investigation.

Christie, who was looking like a plausible front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, came under harsh criticism when it was revealed that some of his staff members engineered a major traffic tie-up to punish a mayor for not endorsing Christie.

Does this mean we can now expect some retributive traffic jams along I-5 during legislative sessions when Republicans don’t get their way? Will we see House Minority Leader Mike McClane screaming at teachers in public just to score some YouTube hits?

Kara Walker was part of the Christie communications shop that saw Gov. Christie build his reputation as a Jersey-sized bully, getting into yelling matches with his constituents on a seemingly weekly basis—an interesting strategy for someone trying to run for president.

Republicans in Oregon are clearly grasping at straws here, and have no idea how to reverse the downward electoral spiral they’ve been on for years. The evidence: Their best candidate for caucus communications director—the person chiefly responsible for telling the story of who the Republicans are and what they stand for—is a castoff from the most politically damaged office in the country.

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