OR: 3rd highest student-teacher ratio

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“I feel that this generation’s education is getting short changed because we won’t step up as citizens to make sure that they have the attention and support they need to grow into curious and thoughtful adults.” 2nd Grade Parent.

Results are trickling in from the OEA-Oregon PTA class size campaign, and the snapshot of what Oregon students face when they head to school is just shocking. Reports from teachers, parents, and students include:

68 high school photography class (with just two cameras) in Beaverton
65 elementary students in choir in Oregon City
57 middle school students in a math class in Beaverton
55 high school students in an alternative ed/night school class in Hermiston
48 students in one visual arts middle school class in Salem
48 11th graders in a social studies class in Eugene
46 7th graders trying to learn Spanish in one classroom in Beaverton

Earlier this fall, Steve Duin at the Oregonian shared a glimmer of the impact on students when they are forced to share short classroom instruction time and overburdened teachers with so many students in a class.

Wagner has 215 restless teenagers on her watch… “Let’s say I assign an essay,” she says, “and I spend only 10 minutes responding to each one… That’s 35.8 hours. How many times do you think I can assign an essay to students who have to pass a state writing test in February?”

[Junior] Rebecca Ray doesn’t remember a high-school class with less than 35 students: “We have 56 kids in P.E. My math class? There’s 46.”

The class sizes aren’t just physically uncomfortable; they severely limit teachers’ abilities to teach their students. Imagine: 46 students in a math class that is 50 minutes long. If the teacher spends just half of the class time on attendance, collecting/distributing papers, and providing a lecture, that’s about 20 minutes of instruction and only 30 seconds of individual time for check-ins or questions for each student.

We are letting our students down. We are letting our future down.

So, what do we do?

This image is actually a teaser of an infographic we’re excited to share with you in full later next week. Stay tuned for the big reveal!

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